Product Details

TMM4250/470 PINSTAMP® Multiple Pin Marking System

The PINSTAMP® TMM4250/470 Multiple Pin Marking System can mark up to eight characters-per second. It is ideal for many on-line applications with severe spatial constraints – or in wet or dirty environments. The TMM4250 marking head features an extremely compact envelope and provides marking windows up to 0.5˝ x 2˝ (13mm x 50mm). It can be easily integrated within a Wide range of manufacturing settings. A NEMA 12 (IP55) enclosure with industrial grade, protective Rubber “boot” makes it highly resistant to both solid and liquid contaminants, including machine tool Coolants.


  • NEMA 12-Rated (IP55) with rubber bootfor protection against solid and liquidContaminants
  • Extremely compact for ease of integration
  • Available with four 25S or two 150SAmarking pins
  • Marks up to eight 0.125˝ (3mm) highcharacters-per-second
  • Self-contained, state-of-the-art TMC470controller features two serial ports, USBand Ethernet ports (see page 31)
  • Stores up to 400 marking patterns
  • Marking windows up to 0.5˝ x 2˝(13mm x 50mm)
  • Depths up to 0.013˝ (0.33 mm) in mild steel
  • Rugged rack-and-pinion X/Y platform forlow maintenance operation
  • Detachable electronics cable for improvedserviceability
  • RS232 or TCP/IP Host interface to downloadtext to individual fields or call up entirepatterns
  • Automatically generates serial numbers,date, time and shift codes
  • Easily interfaced to PLCs (ProgrammableLogic Controllers) and Host Computers

Optional Accessories

  • Panel-mount andIP/NEMA-RatedControllers
  • Logo/Font designsoftware packagefor design of customfonts or logos
  • PC-Based Upgrade Utility available FREE from for easy software upgrade
  • PC-Based Pattern Back-up Utility available FREE from