Standard Rotary Numerator

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Perfect for part numbers or Code numbers marking by hand stamping on Casing, Steel, Brass, Aluminium

Salient Features of Bradma Rotary Type Numerator

  • Each ‘Marking wheel has 11 faces with 0 to 9 figures on 10 faces, and one face blank.
  • Marking Wheel can be rotated to any desired position, then locked positively by a locking pin.
  • Individual wheel release : One wheel can be released at a time, without disturbing set – up of other wheels ( The locking pin can be pulled to release just that paricular wheel.
  • No loose parts. The unit is complete, compact and sturdy; ready to use.
  • All parts specially heat treated and dull – Nickel plated

Special Rotary Type Numerators

  • Rotary Type Numerators with wheel combinations of Alpha – Numeric Wheels
  • Rotary Type Numerators with provision to mark Logo / fixed Letters along with numbers
  • Speical Numerators with Concave / Convex wheels to Mark on Curved surfaces
  • Special wheels for Hot Stamping
  • Numerators with special Calligraphy other than “Bradma” Calligraphy.
  • Rotary Type Numerators with more than 6 Wheels.

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