Standard Rotary Numerator

Standard Rotary Numerator


Product Details

Perfect for part numbers or Code numbers marking by hand stamping on Casing, Steel, Brass, Aluminium

Salient Features of Bradma Rotary Type Numerator

  • Each ‘Marking wheel has 11 faces with 0 to 9 figures on 10 faces, and one face blank.
  • Marking Wheel can be rotated to any desired position, then locked positively by a locking pin.
  • Individual wheel release : One wheel can be released at a time, without disturbing set – up of other wheels ( The locking pin can be pulled to release just that paricular wheel.
  • No loose parts. The unit is complete, compact and sturdy; ready to use.
  • All parts specially heat treated and dull – Nickel plated

Special Rotary Type Numerators

  • Rotary Type Numerators with wheel combinations of Alpha – Numeric Wheels
  • Rotary Type Numerators with provision to mark Logo / fixed Letters along with numbers
  • Speical Numerators with Concave / Convex wheels to Mark on Curved surfaces
  • Special wheels for Hot Stamping
  • Numerators with special Calligraphy other than “Bradma” Calligraphy.
  • Rotary Type Numerators with more than 6 Wheels.