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Product Details

SC2500/470 and SC2000/470 Marking Systems

The SC2500/470 and SC2000/470 Telescribe® Marking Systems provide permanent low-noise marking in a more compact footprint. The robust X/Y stepper motor driven platform provides an ample 3.94” x 1.57” (100mm x 40mm) for the SC2500/470 or a 2.95” x 1.57” (75mm x 40mm) marking window for the SC2000/470. Both are offered with a wide selection of marking pins and make it an excellent choice for many manual and automated marking applications, especially those with speed/depth requirements beyond those of traditional stepper motor-driven designs. This marker is not for marking 2D data matrix codes but for the continuous marking of human readable characters and symbols. Marker performance characteristics vary significantly depending on the specifics of the applications, including the material being marked, the thickness of the material and the air pressure setting. When marking cold rolled steel with a thickness of .030” (.75mm) or more, marking depths of at least .002” inches (0.05mm) can be expected and when marking thinner, softer materials marking depths of up to .003” (0.075mm) can frequently be achieved, even at marking speeds of up to 2 characters-per-second for .125” (.3mm) characters. The system’s stand-alone TMC470 Controller is equipped with an integral keyboard and LCD display and provides a simple user friendly operator interface with no PC required. In addition, the TMC470’s discrete I/O, serial and Ethernet ports provide the communications capabilities required for factory automated applications.


  • Compact scribe marker head that weighs approximately 13.2lbs (6 kg).
  • Provides performance far beyond conventional stepper motor-driven scribe markers.
  • Permanent, virtually silent marking in a wide range of materials. (Maximum noise level approximately 72dBA.)
  • High speed marking of .118” (3mm) tall high quality characters at up to 2 characters-per-second.
  • Marks at depths up to .002” (0.05mm) in cold rolled steel.
  • 3.94” x 1.57” (75mm x 40mm) marking window (SC2500/470) or 2.95” x 1.57” (75mm x 40mm) marking window (SC2000/470)
  • Easily integrated into a wide range of automated on-line and manual applications for use with continuous characters or symbols.

Options and Accessories

  • Marking head mounting post with base
  • Panel-mount and IP/NEMA-Rated Controllers
  • Marking head support tooling and balancers
  • Logo/Font design software package for design of custom fonts or logos
  • PC-Based Upgrade Utility available FREE from for easy software upgrade
  • PC-Based Pattern Back-up Utility available FREE from
  • Powerful Windows based Merlin® III software available

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