Metal Label Marker

Metal Label Marker


Product Details

Leaf gauge for muli-line labels. This special leaf-gauge can be custom-built to your individual need. It enables speedy alignment of each lines before marking!…. After marking a line, a leaf is lipped for immediate setting to mark in the next line!
Stops for 2-lines labels Specially for 2-line marking, there are two stops (supplied with machine) to enables faster, accurate automatic alignment of each line before marking.

Features / Benefits Metal Label Marker

  • MARKS WIDE RANGE OF LABELS/TAG Perfectly marks Aluminium, Brass, Steel….almost every metal (especially effective in marking into windows of pre-printed labels!)
  • SHARP CLARITY SAYS ‘HIGH QUALITY’ All marked data is sharply clear and easy-to-read; accurately aligned, evenly  spaced and uniformly deep.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERED Has a rugged cast iron frame, specially hardened ground steel components and a unique dial wheel construction with interchangeable type inserts. Every feature is designed and engineered for long, trouble – free service.
  • VERSATILITY ideal when a wide range of label sizes need marking, when marking data   varies, and when short production runs are required.
  • LOW COST TOO Remember, this Bradma Diehard Metal Label Marker is a HIGH PRECISION TOOL Which means virtually no label spoilage, virtually no rejections. Result : Marking cost is considerably lower that by tedious unreliable hand – stamping methods.


so easy to operate ! Takes just a few minutes on the machine to know to operate it!


  • Simply set for marking depth.
  • Locate label on marking table.
  • Rotate dial wheel to select the character to be marked.
  • Depress operating handle to mark label.
  • Release operating handle – and the table automatically advances the label to the next marking position