Dual Head

Telesis FQ2H Dual Head Fiber Lasers offer the unique advantage of controlling two independent marking heads with a single integrated controller. This patented technology offers integrators not only a cost savings but also a
meaningful time savings by simplifying the controls integration required to synchronize the markers an advanced tool for jobs where two lasers are needed or in jobs where parts may need to be manipulated in order to mark multiple mark locations. This simplifies factory automation by providing simple software controls, and the ability to mix and match any combination of laser head configurations from two 10 Watt heads to 50 Watt heads, including Vari-Z autofocus systems and Integrated In-Line Vision camera viewing options. This allows you to perfectly customize your system to your application – a unique level of versatility that no other laser company can offer.

The F2H combines two rugged, industry-best F-Series laser markers with the MERLIN® 2H software for unmatched marking efficiency.

  • Patented dual head technology reduces integration time
  • Operates two lasers independently with one laser controller system to reduce cost of ownership
  • Reduces part handling for increased throughput