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Industrial software are used on various applications

  • Product / Process traceability application software
  • Tool / component management software
  • Data storage and retrieval software
  • Process monitoring software
  • ERP / SAP interfacing software
  • SCADA Systems
  • Interface Software

Bradma Progressive Control’s Solutions

Bradma Industrial Automation- Carried out integration & controls Solutions in Assembly Lines Using RFIDs, Wireless Sensing, Remote I/O Interfacing & Safety Devices Prevailing in Industries


  • Industrial Machinery Safety Type-4 system designing credentials
  • Industrial Component tracking & Identification using RFIDs & Microchips with ample memory & computational resources


  • Adding value in Better manufacturing Experience to the Customer by means of superior Tracking & Handling of systems
  • Time- The amount of time saved in Monitoring
  • Money- The financial aspect is the best advantage as technology replaces Human dependency
  • I0T & RFID systems alleviate potential business opportunity in Industry 4.0
  • Stepping up to the rostrum of Digital factory or Smart factory

Bradma Indigenisation of Controls

Bradma Industrial Automation has built its own fully integrated controls infrastructure along with industrial software


  • In-house Electrical System Design in E-Plan
  • Integration of E-Plan with SAP for final Electrical BOM
  • In-house Robot, PLC & HMI Programming
  • Software development & implementation


  • Processes like Control Panels Design, Wiring & PLC Programming is carried In-house
  • All Electrical Drawings released & Controlled in E-plan for every project

Bradma Smart Controls

  • Bradma Industrial Automation has developed, for the first time, smart
    control systems to independently operate and monitor a complete
    system of industrial process through any Smart Device on web server,
    Customer can Easily Diagnose, Monitor & Record the complete System
  •  Report Generation of System Parameters on Web Server.
  • Capability of Digitizing any factory -Monitoring, controlling & Recording can be done
  • Entering into new Era of Industries with complete system monitoring
    possible through long distances