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Bradma BCL series laser marking machine adopts advance RF metal laser tube and high speed laser scanning system. Using software control system and computer interface for the development of intelligent modules of a new type of laser marking equipment. The system is high marking accuracy fast speed highly stable performance long term working time which can be applied for mass production of online processing.


Model – BCL10P
Laser tube – 10W RF metal laser tube
Laser output power – 10W
Laser wavelength – 10.64nm
Standard engraving range – 110mmx110mm
Optional engraving range – 175mm x 175mm,300mm x 300mm
Minimal Linear Width – 0.15mm
Pulse frequency – 20KHz
Electricity demand – Single phase AC 90-250V/50Hz 5A
Marking speed – 7000mm/s
Cooling system – Air cooling
Marking Depth – 2mm
Electrical Power consumption – 500W