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  • Frame Marking SPM


We represent Global leader ‘Telesis’ for fully programmable PINSTAMP Single & Multiple Pin Marking Systems that is based on Telesis’ original, patented “Floating Pin” design. A pneumatically driven and returned metal pin permanently indents the marking surface with either dot matrix or continuous line characters – even Logos, graphics or 2-D Codes. Since the marking Pin “floats” on constant return air pressure, surface irregularities up to ¼” can be easily accommodated. And, no stress concentrations occur. Since the force of the mark is controlled by air pressure, product marking can be “customized” to suit most application. Telesis manufactures over 10 versatile PINSTAMP Models consisting of Fixed and Portable as well as Electrical and Battery-driven versions. They are cost-effective in a wide range of stand alone or on-line manufacturing solutions.