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  • Conveyor System
  • Line Automation
  • Gantries
  • Manipulators


Conveyor System
Conveyors are universally used in industrial settings and in packaging and assembling units. It help in transportation of regular and irregularly shaped items from one point to another regardless of their weight. The items can travel in a horizontal, declined or inclined manner, depending on the type of belt conveyor used. They are placed on the surface of the conveyor and transported from one point to the other through continuous, non-stop movement. All types of conveyors like Chain, Belt, Modular belt, Palletized Accumulating/Indexing, Roller conveyors, Slat conveyors, Custom built shuttle conveyors etc can be customised as per your requirement
Conveyor System
Line Automation
Modern automated assembly and manufacturing facilities require innovative power, data, positioning and control solutions to minimize costly downtime and maximize production.

  • Filter Assembly Line (Automation Line)
  • Clutch Actuator Assy line
  • Assembly Line Automation
  • Gear Box Assembly Line

Line Automation
Gantries are most widely used factory crane in the world, They can provide close to 100% coverage of factory floors and work well in conjunction with production lines. Based on the application, a gantry loading from the top through a hatch can be chosen as the optimum configuration. The robot or gantry are usually complemented by decoupling modules placed in close proximity and supplemented with additional application driven stations such as cleaning or marking. Linear gantries are the simplest variant of a gantry robot. The points that can be reached with the gripper are all in one axis. The gantry beam provides the horizontal motion of the main axis, the vertical motion is done by the gantry arm. Gantry units are designed for a work piece weight up to 400 kg ( 880lbs). Industrial robots or different manufacturers and in different configurations are purchased as standardized commodity based on the application and customer specific and equipped with grippers and end of arm tooling for the individual required task.

  • Linear Gantry
  • Cantilever Gantry
  • Area Gantry

Industrial manipulator is a machine with a rigid steel manipulator arm that allow complex pneumatic tilts and rotations, even when the product being moved is handled outside it’s centre of mass. Bradma has expertise in one and two axis Mechanical pick & Place arrangement, different types of mechanical and pneumatic grippers based on the component requirement.