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Flying laser marking machine is the product packaging for various industries online coding and development and design of high tech product. Machine use the fiber laser source, it has high electro optical conversion rate, stable performance can continuosly work long hours. It has high speed galvanometer scanning system the focus mode laser marking machine

  • Has strong text layout and graphics processing functions, can automatically generate a lot numbers and serial number.
  • The flexibility to modify the software functions, continuously adjustable.
  • High speed, high precision.


Model – BFL10FLY/20FLY/30FLY/50FLY
Laser power – 10W/20W/30W/50W
Pulsed power – 20KHz-80KHz
Laser wavelength – 1064nm
Marking range – 110x110m,175x175mm,300x300mm
Minimum line width – 0.01mm
Minimum character – 0.01-0.5mm
Marking speed – 7000mm/s
Marking depth – 0.01 to 0.1mm
Repeat ability – +0.0001mm
Maximum line speed – 70m/min
Marking the number rows – <8lines
Character type – characters, numbers, symbols
Power – AC220V 10%,50Hz/15A
Cooling – Air cooling